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Kate Berwanger is the proud founder of ASSEMBLY literary open mic at Screwdriver Bar and Corvus & Co. and Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women.


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For a complete list of events, please visit kateberwanger.com.


Capitol Hill Art Walks.

  • November 8, 2018. Capitol Hill Art Walk: Scream for Queer Art!
  • February 2018. Solstice Cafe. Swerve Zine Library + pop-up zine show.
  • January 2018. Revival Shop Seattle. Featured reader at Steve Sibra's book launch.
  • December 2017. Scream Seattle. Swerve Zine Library launch party.
  • November 2017. Revival Shop Seattle. MATRIMONY. release party.
  • September 2017. Scream Salon. Scream for Zines! Zine pop-up show.
  • August 2017. Revival Shop Seattle. Self-published PURGE. release party.
  • May 2017. Scream Salon. Self-published SPIT. Take II. release party.
  • March 2017. Perfect Copy & Print. Pop-up Zine show.
  • November 2016. Revival Shop Seattle. Self-published TOAST. release party.